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Figma Desktop

Add Figma Desktop Client to Recast Application Manager catalogue.
Kasperi Turpeinen 6 days ago in Application Catalogue request 0
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Ability to clear Recast Agents that have not communicated with RMS after a period of time.

We have a situation where the agent drop-down in RMS shows double the amount of recast agents than the devices we have Config Mgr. This is likely due to computer refresh. The agents are still listed even after a certain of idle time, not reporting...
jeff necker about 1 year ago in User Experience 3 Planned

Please include Foxit Editor as an application package

Please include Foxit Editor as an application in app manager: Foxit READER is already an app, adding Editor would be useful and make sense.
Guest 14 days ago in Application Catalogue request 0

Autodesk Products

Please add these Autodesk Products Autodesk AccessAuto AutoCAD MEP and MEP 2023AutoDesk Design ReviewAutodesk Revit and Revit 2024
Guest 4 days ago in Application Catalogue request 0

UninstallString in User Programs Inventory

It would be great to have the UninstallString (and QuietUninstallString) from the users ARP data in the registry. The EI Users Programs (EI_UserARP) does not try to capture this data. It is available in the registry: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Sof...
Oleg Fortun 2 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0

Tenable Nessus Agent

Helps detect vulnerabilities, also tracks if they have been fixed. Anyone that checks for vulnerabilities on devices.
Guest 26 days ago in Application Catalogue request 0

Automation Email with Change Log

We were looking for an automation email to send changes of the product as they come available rather than going to the site manually.
Guest 3 months ago in Other 0

Autopilot Register

Create a right click tool to take the hash information stored in the CM database and register the device with Autopilot. This would be great for adhoc scenarios where a device is unregistered and automatic registration is not configured in the ten...
Scott Erickson 10 days ago in Large environment needs 0

Intune Delete

Add the ability to delete a device from Intune. This comes in handy when we repurpose a device, it would be nice to create an automation where a technician can select a device from the console and wipe the device out of the environment. Intune rec...
kevin schumacher 10 days ago in Automation 0

I need to the ability to have more than 7 days of duration for deployment deferrals and Patch Tuesday plus days.

I would like the option to deploy applications to production based upon the Patch Tuesday date. I would also like the option to defer deployment more that 7 days if needed. Why not give us 30 days? Or Patch Tuesday plus X days. Our organization do...
Guest 3 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration