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Privilege Manager

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MacOS support for Privilege Manager

Privilege manager support would be fantastic for MacOS as there are large gaps with intune and credential management on MacOS. Even just basic support for elevation on demand would be a great first step.
Scott Erickson 7 months ago in Security 1

Auto-elevate certain applications

Would be nice to have the ability to set some executables to auto-elevate as domain user/logged in user, for some development tools or other software which may still require administrator privileges
Heikki Harsunen about 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Customize Privilege Manager UAC icon and text

Add a new setting that allows customizing Privilege Manager logo and text that's visible in UAC prompt
Aapo Kettunen about 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Generate a ticket when user wants to ask for elevated privileges

We would like to "integrate" Carillon with our ticketing system, and easies way to do this would be an email sent from Carillon with information about the user and the computer, and then our support would grant this permission for a limited time. ...
Olli Herranen 4 months ago in Special Configuration needs 1 Future consideration

Computer Rules section

We need to add users to certain groups on individual computers.Doing it with Target groups per computer is not the solution. in Carillon it was easy to add a managed group for a single computer
Olaf Thyssen 5 months ago in Efficiency 1

Limit the Activation Code Validity Times

In Carillon we do not allow long activation code validity times. There should be a central place where the allowed times can be configured and which one is the default. e.g. Carillon: ServiceDesk \ ActivationCodeValidityTimes .xml" <?xml versio...
Olaf Thyssen 5 months ago in Security 1

Central place to configure "reason category in temporary elevation"

instead of configuring it for every target group it should have a central place-
Olaf Thyssen 5 months ago in Large environment needs 1

PMA Reporting - Add what file is being elevated

Our Security team requires that the reporting show what file and path to the file is being elevated, along with the reason for elevating it.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 1 Planned

Support for passwordless login in Privilege Manager

As more people are using passwordless and/or long passwords, when using the run as domain users, writing the password is a bit legacy. Could we use Windows Hello for Business credentials to confirm the elevation without using a password?
Heikki Harsunen about 1 year ago in Security  / User Experience 0

Improve management of local user accounts and groups

Ability to enable/disable local user accounts and ability to delete local groups and local user accounts
Prudvee Raj over 1 year ago in Efficiency / Special Configuration needs 0 Future consideration