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UninstallString in User Programs Inventory

It would be great to have the UninstallString (and QuietUninstallString) from the users ARP data in the registry. The EI Users Programs (EI_UserARP) does not try to capture this data. It is available in the registry: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Sof...
Oleg Fortun 29 days ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0

Endpoint Insights through Intune

Is there a way that we can expand the Endpoint Insights for Intune Managed devices. With the latest migration to co-management, this is becoming more and more common that devices are managed strictly with Intune. Having a way have the extended rep...
John Yoakum 4 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0

Show Agent's last connection time

Show Recast Agent's last connection time or unique ID in Administration -> Agents & Privilege Manager -> Agents tables. This information would be helpful to identify redundant and duplicate Agent entries after a workstation has been re-i...
Aapo Kettunen 3 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting / Large environment needs / User Experience 0

Windows Hello for Business reporting

Microsoft does not have any Configuration Manager reporting via SSRS for Windows Hello for Business. It would be useful to have some Endpoint Insights reporting including which credential provider (i.e. PIN, face, or fingerprint) was used for enro...
Guest 3 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0

Add Windows LAPS Support for LAPS Dashboard LAPS Client Install State Panel

The existing LAPS Dashboard reports on LAPS Client Install State. When using Windows LAPS (as opposed to what is now referred to as Legacy LAPS) it simply reports that there is no LAPS Client Installed. This is true, however it would be nice to re...
Brian Kaiser 4 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Add Warranty Information for device in CM device record using Resource Explorer

Having this enabled would match the feature that was available using Enhansoft Warranty Information product which allowed us to access Warranty Information for a device using Resource Explorer.
Guest over 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Not a fit for the product

Reports on Certificates - existence, expired, soon to expire, etc.

Although I'd prefer something in the Right Click Tools, this is probably more appropriate for Endpoint Insights. Collecting certificate information and reporting on expiring and expired certs would be quite valuable.
Russell Johnson about 1 year ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Application deployment report for Application Manager (for Intune)

This would be useful for the Application Manager (for Intune) customers. From the report you could see that which versions of supported applications (AM catalog) are installed and on how many devices has the newest version installed etc. This coul...
Hannu Laitinen over 1 year ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Report to show all local admins

Have a report that shows all local admins on every machine
Jason Telling almost 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 1 Already exists

IMEI numbers from SIM cards installed on laptops

It would be very useful to be able to inventory the IMEI number from SIM cards installed in laptops. We have users that tend to swap sim cards in their laptops and its becoming very difficult to try and track which SIM Card (IMEI) is with which la...
Zep about 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration