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Exporting quick reports from System Info and Client Info Tools

It would be a great feature to be able to export the reports from the System Information and Client Information Tools. For example selecting multiple devices and viewing System Information and say you need to view all OS versions for those selecte...
Guest almost 4 years ago in  0 Planned

Pre and post scripts running should be supported

Application manager: Pre and post scripts running should be supported
Prudvee Raj about 1 year ago in Automation / Large environment needs / Special Configuration needs 1 Future consideration

Assign permissions based on right click context menu

Assigning permissions in the console is a complete mess, we need to be able to assign permissions just based on the right click context menu, so we only enable and disable the needed permissions without just guessing what we need.
Guest 11 months ago in Roles and Permissions 0 Future consideration

TightVNC Used to view and control remote computers when RDP or CMRCV isn't viable.
Russell Fox 6 months ago in Application Catalogue request 0 Future consideration

Add Configuration Items/Baselines to be run from RCT

One of the only things that can't be run without opening the Client on the target PC.....would be great to be able to force compliance checks as a tech from the RCT/MECM server. Currently the end user has to go control panel - Configuration Manage...
J D 9 months ago in Special Configuration needs 2

Email Notifications when Updates are Available/Published

It would be useful if AM had the ability to send out email notifications for any applications that "deployments" have been created for. This would be when new updates are published or available from the catalog. I am only talking about those that ...
John Yoakum about 1 month ago in User Experience 2 Planned

Create Application Definitions but Require manual download of install files

In PatchMyPC, they have the ability to manage the application settings, but not supply the installer files. If Application Manager had the same ability then we could expand the catalog without having to be manage the installer. The way that it wor...
John Yoakum about 1 month ago in Automation 1 Future consideration

Xampp for Windows x64
Elmo Huttunen 4 months ago in Application Catalogue request 0

Delete Inactive Profile after X days

It would be great to have a task that we can run on a collection that will delete a profile if the person has not logged in in X days. Similar to DelProf that you can run as a scheduled task.
Guest about 4 years ago in  2 Planned

Reports on Certificates - existence, expired, soon to expire, etc.

Although I'd prefer something in the Right Click Tools, this is probably more appropriate for Endpoint Insights. Collecting certificate information and reporting on expiring and expired certs would be quite valuable.
Russell Johnson 12 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration