Change, or add ability to change, WSUS UpdateType and UpdateClasification

Updates injected into WSUS are assigned the "SoftwareApplciation" UpdateType and "Applications" Update classification, which both hides them from being displayed in the WSUS console and disallows them from being scheduled via ConfigMan. Assigning them the "Software" UpdateType and "Updates" classification, or giving the ability to choose, will resolve this problem.

  • Scot Power
  • May 19 2023
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Product Application Manager
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  • Admin
    Juha Haapsaari commented
    27 Oct, 2023 08:41am

    These changes can't be made using method supported by Microsoft. Therefore we do not implement this functionality to AM WSUS integration

  • Scot Power commented
    3 Aug, 2023 10:40pm

    After further research, I was incorrect on which properties require changing to both be visible in the WUSU console and sync with MEMC.

    In the susdb.dbo.tbUpdate table

    • changing the IsLocallyPublished value to 0, makes the update visible in the WSUS console

    • changing the UpdateType from' SoftwareApplication' to 'Software' via the UpdateTypeID allows the update to synchronize with MECM

    I made these changes via SQL and have not looked/do know if these values can be set via the WSUS API.

  • Scot Power commented
    2 Aug, 2023 04:49pm

    Neither. The Powershell updates are directly from Microsoft.

  • Admin
    Juha Haapsaari commented
    2 Aug, 2023 06:43am

    AM for WSUS is using Local Publishing to feed applications to WSUS environment. It might not be possible to change the update type with this method as there is only three options to choose from and we are already using the 'Software' update type (

    Classification is something that can be set and is already now set to Updates as classification. What method the Powershell applications in your screenshot were added to WSUS environment? Using Local Publishing or 3rd party catalog, or something else?

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