Add a counter for pending windows updates

Lot of servers in our environment do have a maintenance Window, otherones not. When we only used the WSUS, we were able to see the pending updates, but with SCCM, we do not have this option anymore. The script that should pick up the count of pending updates does not work within SCCM. An overview like that would help us to achieve the following:

1.Report for the Management how the Patching Process is working and if we are in compliance.

2.Report for the Administrators in order to see if there are any potential issues why i.e. a server has 15 Updates outstanding, despite having a Maintenance Window.

How to achieve this and compare to which Database or information?

A. The updates that are available, are shown on the clients so the numbers must be in the Database somewhere.

B. The updates that are required, can be compared in the same way and in Point A, the difference is that in the CCMCache, these information are also available as folders.... 10 Folders, 10 Pending updates, but of course, only if we have a process to clean the CCMCache after successful installment....

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  • May 30 2020
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