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API for Builder Automation

Builder is awesome. What would make it even better is if I could initiate automation from other systems using an API. Think Azure Automation calling an RMS API to add devices to collections, or install missing software updates, or whatever else we...
Scott Erickson almost 2 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

Create Shortcut Keys for Right Click Tools in Config Manager

I love Right Click Tools, but I'm more of a keyboard shortcut person and think it would be awesome if we could have something to set shortcut keys for the various functions of right click tools. I'd prefer to have something where we can select wha...
Ross Miller over 4 years ago in User Experience 1 Future consideration

Open client cache folder (%Windir%\ccmcache)

I use this many times to see if the client start to download something, if the folders are created or if they are empty or if all files are indeed there and no .tmps pending
Guest almost 2 years ago in Efficiency 1 Future consideration

Multiple combined raports into one page on RCT web dashboard

In Finnish: Onko mahdollista saada samalle sivulle näkyviin useampi eri raportti, eli esimerkiksi samalle sivulle piirakka näkyviin vaikkapa bitlocker tilanteesta sekä tilanne koneista jotka ovat sekä sccm että ad, vain ad tai vain sccm. In Englis...
Guest about 1 year ago in Dashboards and Reporting 3 Future consideration

Restart Application On idle

We are looking for a way to restart Google Chrome after ten minutes of idle. We are able to do this if we use Microsoft Edge and this command line option: --kiosk-idle-timeout-minutes=value, but if we can do this for any application using Kiosk Ma...
Guest 8 months ago in Special Configuration needs 0 Future consideration

Combine Delete from AD and Console

We use the RCT to delete systems from AD and SCCM, however, it would be nice to have an option to combine both options into 1 click option. This would be far more efficient when deleting a system that is no longer in service.
Guest over 2 years ago in Cloud App Usage 0 Future consideration

Shift Left: Support for multiple SCCM environment integrations (MSP usage)

We were discussing about Shift Left (and RCT) with our MSP customer. They are using ServiceNow for ticketing and were interested in Shift Left. They have one ServiceNow platform and about 20 SCCM environments (for each end customer). It would be v...
Hannu Laitinen almost 2 years ago in  0 Future consideration

Add a timeout setting or shutdown button to RSC Compliance

Add a timeout setting or stop button to RSC Compliance. It often happens that it is necessary to wait several minutes before being able to access the information because of an error or a station stopped
Marc-André Dufour almost 2 years ago in Efficiency 0 Future consideration

Add BIOS version to Security tools

I'd like to be able to view what BIOS version each computer has when pulling up the Security Tools. There's a lot of BIOS/UEFI information such as TPM and secure boot, but adding a BIOS version will easily let us know if they're needing to be upda...
Chris Jameson about 2 years ago in Security 0 Future consideration

Map CVE to inventory

Map a list of known vulnerabilities to the software inventory and hardware firmware so you can pull a report of vulnerable software installed on clients/servers.
Guest almost 3 years ago in Security 0 Future consideration