Uninstall specific applications from an entire collection

Imagine this:

Software has been manually installed or deployed to multiple machines, but you may not know how many machines have application x installed. You now need to uninstall this title, but you don't want to connect to each Remote Software Center or each System information > Applications node for all machines in the collection to uninstall said title.

What would be nice would be to right click on the collection, select an option to Uninstall Application X, at which point a pop-up would appear prompting to enter a software title that hopefully will support variables to the title (%Java%, or something to that effect). If multiple titles happen to appear (Java, or Oracle Java, or Java SDK, etc), have a checkbox that allows us to then select the exact title that needs to be uninstalled across the collection.

  • David Taylor
  • Jan 13 2022
  • Future consideration
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