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Navisworks Freedom
Guest 8 months ago in Application Catalogue request 1 Recently shipped

Add Windows LAPS support

Please add support for the new Windows LAPS to retrieve a device's current LAPS admin password (from either AD or AAD) and enable actions under Device > Console Tools to use the LAPS admin account.
David 8 months ago in Security 1 Recently shipped

Lenovo Dock Manager

Adding Lenovo Dock Manager to Application Manager allow for Administrators with Lenovo Laptops to manage their docking stations and to ensure they are using the latest version of Lenovo Dock Manager
Garth Jones 10 months ago in Application Catalogue request 1 Recently shipped

Add the regular DEL key as an option to disable in Kiosk Manager

"The only DEL key currently listed to be disabled in Kiosk Manager is the NUM-DEL. Most people use the DEL key associated with the regular keyboard. Please add the (regular) DEL key to the list."
Branden Hammann 10 months ago in Special Configuration needs 1 Recently shipped

Allow management of Kiosk profiles without closing the interface

Our Security Team wants unique user name and password combos for each kiosk we deploy. Every time I set up a profile, the Manage Profiles interface closes. It would be convenient if it did not as well as save a lot of right clicking just to get ba...
Guest over 1 year ago in Efficiency 1 Recently shipped

TeamViewer Full client 64bit

64bit TeamViewer Full client. There is no need for any licence or anything customer specific.
Guest 10 months ago in Application Catalogue request 0 Recently shipped

Remove the ability to click out of a configuration pane before saving.

For the love of all that is holy, please fix this. The fact that this can be done is terrible. I was setting up a brand new install of the RCT Managment Server, and I had to set up roles from the old environment (which was 3.2). I set over 100 con...
Guest almost 4 years ago in  0 Recently shipped

Increase Intune Program Install Parameters Maximum Length

Application Manager for Intune allows adding additional install parameters on the application form. Unfortunately, this field when combined with the base command is limited to 100 characters, while the Intune command line Program Install and Unins...
Scot Power 12 months ago in Automation 2 Recently shipped

Ability to specify requirement for self-service elevation reason

Ex: Minimum legth of the reason Prevent same 5 chanrecters...trying to forvce the user to write meaningful reason
Prudvee Raj almost 1 year ago in Special Configuration needs 0 Recently shipped

Filter by Collection on Bitlocker Compliance Site.

I would like to request to be able to filter the Bitlocker Compliance by a Collection. So i can have f.e. a Collection with all Notebooks and choose that i see the bitlocker compliance for only that collection. :)
Jochen Pahlau about 4 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 1 Recently shipped