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System Information -> Operating Systems - Add OS Architecture

As ARM64 devices become more common, I'd like to have the Architecture displayed in the Operating Systems list. Right now it has OS Version and OS Name, but nothing to say X64 or ARM64
Gary Blok about 2 months ago in User Experience 1 Future consideration

Show Agent's last connection time

Show Recast Agent's last connection time or unique ID in Administration -> Agents & Privilege Manager -> Agents tables. This information would be helpful to identify redundant and duplicate Agent entries after a workstation has been re-i...
Aapo Kettunen 4 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting / Large environment needs / User Experience 0

Refresh RMS Web Console

Please build in a refresh option to the web console, so that you can choose how it auto refreshes, every 30, 60, 90 seconds
Sean Pierce 4 months ago in User Experience 1

Email Notifications when Updates are Available/Published

It would be useful if AM had the ability to send out email notifications for any applications that "deployments" have been created for. This would be when new updates are published or available from the catalog. I am only talking about those that ...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in User Experience 2 Planned

Ability to customize the Application Name in ConfigMgr

It would be nice if the application name that is published in ConfigMgr through Application Manager matched the rules for how it is displayed in the Software Center. This would make it so that any person that may be performing dynamic installation...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in User Experience 3 Future consideration

Make right click tools available in CMPivot

Would be awesome if you could run right click tool actions from the CMPivot results table. This would let you do actions like removing a vulnerable installed application from a workstation from the results of CMPivot query.
Scott Erickson 5 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add Billing and Payment History

During divestitures and acquisitions many times history of payments will become lost in the shuffle. Would be nice to have a portal to see all billing history with all POs and Invoice and payment type (ex CC, Transfer, etc)
Guest 7 months ago in User Experience 0

Schedule Shutdown / Restart >> add an option to use Endpoint Local Time

When scheduling reboot on a collection and the devices are in different time zones, the scheduled time gets converted to the initiating endpoint time, not the target endpoint local time. I.e., reboot was scheduled on a collection of devices in UK ...
Guest 9 months ago in User Experience 0

Application major version to the RAM Supported Applications list

You don't need to quess what application version is in RAM service. Application list:
Kari Riepponen 11 months ago in User Experience 1 Future consideration

Auto update right click tools automatically

This would be useful so my team and I do not need to download the msi to update the current version. If the application can have a auto update feature so it does it by itself.
Guest 11 months ago in User Experience 0 Planned