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Application Manager expansion to Configuration Profiles, Conditional Access and more


Finland has alot of MSPs including us, and Application Manager has been of great help considering we save hours in software packaging for multiple customer tenants.

However, we are still seeking a decent product that can push following policies to our customer tenants. Adding these features would greatly increase the amount of customers we bring into Application Manager.

  • Configuration Profiles

  • Compliance profliles

  • Conditional Access policies

  • Scripts / Remediation scripts

  • Update policies

  • Autopilot profiles, enrollment settings

  • Windows Hello settings (tenant wide)

  • Endpoint Security settings such as Disk encryption, LAPS, EDR

I know most of these can be scripted through microsoft graph but application manager type of portal where we can create a template and push settings to 50+ tenants would likely bring Recast bunch of new customers. There are some open source products that can do this already, but MSPs have a pretty high ceiling in taking those into production and product catalog.

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  • Aug 16 2023
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