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Remote Software Center

Add the purpose data to the list of applications.. so we avoid selecting "available" deployments.
Michael Haferkamp about 2 years ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add a timeout setting or shutdown button to RSC Compliance

Add a timeout setting or stop button to RSC Compliance. It often happens that it is necessary to wait several minutes before being able to access the information because of an error or a station stopped
Marc-André Dufour about 2 years ago in Efficiency 0 Future consideration

RTC builder Option for running scripts/tools using computername as variable on local system

In our situation, Dameware is used for our remote support. It would be nice to right click a device to launch dameware using the computer name/selected device as a variable to automatically begin a remote session, or do so from a builder action. S...
Guest about 2 years ago in Cloud App Usage / Efficiency 0 Future consideration

Automate client removal from Active Directory

With SCCM and Intune having the ability to self maintain clients that haven't reported in a desired number of days, the Right Click tools Active Directory Cleanup Tool is very helpful in also tidying up AD, however it would be great if there could...
Hayden Webb about 2 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

IMEI numbers from SIM cards installed on laptops

It would be very useful to be able to inventory the IMEI number from SIM cards installed in laptops. We have users that tend to swap sim cards in their laptops and its becoming very difficult to try and track which SIM Card (IMEI) is with which la...
Zep about 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

RMS - Ability to clone/copy Recast Roles for quicker setup of custom roles.

When setting up custom roles in Recast Management Server, it would be helpful to be able to have a button to clone/copy to create clones of existing roles. This would save time on not having to manually check all the specific boxes of permissions ...
Aaron Parks over 2 years ago in Roles and Permissions 0 Future consideration

Add other Antivirus products to Endpoint Insights

Add other Antivirus products or vendors to Endpoint Insights reports and inventory.
David Taylor over 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Add WufB Patch reporting to Endpoint Insights

Currently only a live scan with RCT can pull live patch data. Need to be able to pull a report in Endpoint Insights of machines patched with Windows Update for Business since we no longer use WSUS for patching.
Guest over 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Distribution Point Client Connection and Data accessed by Endpoints

This will help to identify Distribution points which are least serving the content to Endpoints to offload to another nearest DP, this can help to reduce the DP count.
Guest over 2 years ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Shared Drive information in All in one computer Report of Endpoint Insights

The current All in one report have all the details but not about the shared drive information, if we can add this field this will be very helpful.
Guest over 2 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration