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Add an Application Wrapper for Installs or Updates

In order to better update products without having to deploy to all users or devices and have it automatically install the product, using a script wrapper could offer the ability to try and detect if the application is already installed and not upd...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in Automation 1 Future consideration

Ability to customize the Application Name in ConfigMgr

It would be nice if the application name that is published in ConfigMgr through Application Manager matched the rules for how it is displayed in the Software Center. This would make it so that any person that may be performing dynamic installation...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in User Experience 3 Future consideration

Make right click tools available in CMPivot

Would be awesome if you could run right click tool actions from the CMPivot results table. This would let you do actions like removing a vulnerable installed application from a workstation from the results of CMPivot query.
Scott Erickson 5 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add Windows LAPS Support for LAPS Dashboard LAPS Client Install State Panel

The existing LAPS Dashboard reports on LAPS Client Install State. When using Windows LAPS (as opposed to what is now referred to as Legacy LAPS) it simply reports that there is no LAPS Client Installed. This is true, however it would be nice to re...
Brian Kaiser 6 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Create a right click tool to view remote C: drive without using file explorer

It would be incredibly useful for remote support to have a right click tool that would allow you to view / interact with the remote file system without needing direct access. The current connect to c$ requires permissions / firewall rules / etc to...
Scott Erickson 6 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Deployment approval email recipients

Allow also to define email recipients for available type of deployment processes steps that require approval
Juha Haapsaari 8 months ago in Automation / Roles and Permissions / Security 0 Future consideration

Restart Application On idle

We are looking for a way to restart Google Chrome after ten minutes of idle. We are able to do this if we use Microsoft Edge and this command line option: --kiosk-idle-timeout-minutes=value, but if we can do this for any application using Kiosk Ma...
Guest 10 months ago in Special Configuration needs 0 Future consideration

TightVNC Used to view and control remote computers when RDP or CMRCV isn't viable.
Russell Fox 10 months ago in Application Catalogue request 0 Future consideration

Add file hash information to portal website for downloads

Enterprise organizations commonly need to independently verify that the hash of the file download from a vendor matches a known good hash. This is to know for sure that nothing has been tampered with in transit. It would be great to add a column o...
Scott Erickson 10 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Use RMS as an engine to make dynamic groups in EntraID

Dynamic Groups in EntraID (AzureAD) are severely limited in what can be targeted. ConfigMgr has a great feature that can create "dynamic" EntraID groups based off of ConfigMgr data. For customers who are Intune only, it would be great if there was...
Scott Erickson 10 months ago in Automation 0 Future consideration