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Automation Email with Change Log

We were looking for an automation email to send changes of the product as they come available rather than going to the site manually.
Guest about 19 hours ago in Other 0
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Ability to clear Recast Agents that have not communicated with RMS after a period of time.

We have a situation where the agent drop-down in RMS shows double the amount of recast agents than the devices we have Config Mgr. This is likely due to computer refresh. The agents are still listed even after a certain of idle time, not reporting...
jeff necker 10 months ago in User Experience 3 Planned

Generate a ticket when user wants to ask for elevated privileges

We would like to "integrate" Carillon with our ticketing system, and easies way to do this would be an email sent from Carillon with information about the user and the computer, and then our support would grant this permission for a limited time. ...
Olli Herranen 15 days ago in Special Configuration needs 1 Future consideration

Cisco Anyconnect

like to be able to update this application with application manager deployment
Guest 6 days ago in Application Catalogue request 0

Endpoint Insights through Intune

Is there a way that we can expand the Endpoint Insights for Intune Managed devices. With the latest migration to co-management, this is becoming more and more common that devices are managed strictly with Intune. Having a way have the extended rep...
John Yoakum about 1 month ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0

Windows Hello for Business reporting

Microsoft does not have any Configuration Manager reporting via SSRS for Windows Hello for Business. It would be useful to have some Endpoint Insights reporting including which credential provider (i.e. PIN, face, or fingerprint) was used for enro...
Guest 29 days ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0

Create a right click tool to view remote C: drive without using file explorer

It would be incredibly useful for remote support to have a right click tool that would allow you to view / interact with the remote file system without needing direct access. The current connect to c$ requires permissions / firewall rules / etc to...
Scott Erickson 3 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration


It is a good password manager, started using it recently and will move towards it with the company since it is also cross OS compatible. Would be nice to have it in application manager for it to be easier to manage and update
kristjan Kivisikk about 1 month ago in Application Catalogue request 1 Already exists

MacOS support for Privilege Manager

Privilege manager support would be fantastic for MacOS as there are large gaps with intune and credential management on MacOS. Even just basic support for elevation on demand would be a great first step.
Scott Erickson 3 months ago in Security 1

Zoom Plugin for outlook

Quite widely used by business side to save quite a few clicks everytime something needs to be happening between zoom and outlook
Priit Pebsen 3 months ago in Application Catalogue request 0