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Large environment needs

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Show Agent's last connection time

Show Recast Agent's last connection time or unique ID in Administration -> Agents & Privilege Manager -> Agents tables. This information would be helpful to identify redundant and duplicate Agent entries after a workstation has been re-i...
Aapo Kettunen about 1 month ago in Dashboards and Reporting / Large environment needs / User Experience 0

Central place to configure "reason category in temporary elevation"

instead of configuring it for every target group it should have a central place-
Olaf Thyssen 2 months ago in Large environment needs 1

Create a right click tool to view remote C: drive without using file explorer

It would be incredibly useful for remote support to have a right click tool that would allow you to view / interact with the remote file system without needing direct access. The current connect to c$ requires permissions / firewall rules / etc to...
Scott Erickson 3 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Add scrollbar to the missing content list when using "Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers" on distribution points.

When using RCT's "Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers" feature, all failed packages on that particular Distribution Point are listed in a pop-up window, prompting the user to continue with re-distribution. If the list is big enough, and in r...
Guest 4 months ago in Large environment needs 0

Add file hash information to portal website for downloads

Enterprise organizations commonly need to independently verify that the hash of the file download from a vendor matches a known good hash. This is to know for sure that nothing has been tampered with in transit. It would be great to add a column o...
Scott Erickson 7 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Disable Output on Add Computers to Collections

When adding or removing computers from collections where we are inputting over a thousand computers, the RCT action results window locks up when displaying the results. It would be handy to have a checkbox to disable the output results and maybe i...
Justin Dybedahl 8 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Wakeup devices before deployment starts

I would like to specify in deployment if devices should be waken up X amount of minutes before the deployment deadline for required purpose deployments.
Juha Haapsaari 8 months ago in Automation / Large environment needs 0

Query AD Users and computers for user profiles that no longer exist

Something that would be useful would be a way to identify user profiles on a machine that no longer exists in AD, so they can be deleted from the machines. If a user has been terminated, and has logged into multiple machines we have no easy method...
David Taylor 11 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Inventory and map Switches, Routes, Firewalls, other network devices

Currently we use SCCM to inventory all of our Windows machines but we have to use SolarWinds to inventory and monitor network devices that are not Windows machines. This complicates our ability to do reporting as the two applications do not have a...
Guest 12 months ago in Large environment needs 1

Target deployment process to multiple deployment environments

Allow single deployment process to deploy applications to multiple MECM and/or Intune environments. For each deployment environment included in deployment process, you would select target (collection or group) for each deployment task.
Juha Haapsaari about 1 year ago in Efficiency / Large environment needs / User Experience 0 Planned