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Application Manager expansion to Configuration Profiles, Conditional Access and more

Hi, Finland has alot of MSPs including us, and Application Manager has been of great help considering we save hours in software packaging for multiple customer tenants. However, we are still seeking a decent product that can push following policie...
Guest 9 months ago in Automation 0

API for Builder Automation

Builder is awesome. What would make it even better is if I could initiate automation from other systems using an API. Think Azure Automation calling an RMS API to add devices to collections, or install missing software updates, or whatever else we...
Scott Erickson almost 2 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

Schedule adding computers to collections.

Would it be possible when running a "Add Computers to Collection" function to add the ability to schedule the time when devices are added, and once added run a Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle. This would allow for techs to have a set...
Neil Stanley almost 2 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

Automate client removal from Active Directory

With SCCM and Intune having the ability to self maintain clients that haven't reported in a desired number of days, the Right Click tools Active Directory Cleanup Tool is very helpful in also tidying up AD, however it would be great if there could...
Hayden Webb about 2 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

RCT Builder training documentation / videos

The learning curve for RCT builder is steep for some folks. Is there a way to create some better documentation for this or training videos with different examples of what can be done, and how to do things. This would be outside of importing the ex...
David Taylor over 2 years ago in Automation 4 Future consideration

Builder: Pass information from Powershell step to other steps

Allow output from a PowerShell step to be used as input in future steps. This could just be a single variable, or customizable list (similar to input param for script blocks). This would allow for a lot more customization in builder actions.
Guest over 2 years ago in Automation 1 Future consideration

RCT runner to Delete Orphaned Cache on a collection/schedule

currently RCT >Client Information>Cache Details can show "Orphaned Cache", I would like to be able to automate with RCT Builder to create sequence to identify and delete Orphaned Cache on a collection and/or schedule
Guest almost 3 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

more rct ready actions/templates or examples in the builder/runner

"real world based" for instance interesting ones should be user onboarding/offboarding with support for msft exchange mailbox, ad groups, etc
Claudio Mendes about 3 years ago in Automation 1 Future consideration

Pin Actions to Favorite List

Just a quick way to have a few fav actions at top of right-click list.
Guest almost 4 years ago in Automation 2 Future consideration

Move superseded and expired updates from All Software Updates folder

"All Software Updates" folder gets chock full and it's a multistep task to move groups of updates into other folders so I can get a "clean" view of what's new. Worse are all the AV updates that get superseded and expired throughout each day. Perha...
Russell Johnson about 4 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration