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The learning curve for RCT builder is steep for some folks. Is there a way to create some better documentation for this or training videos with different examples of what can be done, and how to do things. This would be outside of importing the existing templates which is nice, but doesn't really teach anything.

For example, I would like to run a bunch of powershell scripts through RCT Builder/Runner, to fully automate some existing processes but I have no idea how to properly build one.

  • David Taylor
  • Jan 13 2022
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  • David Taylor commented
    3 Feb 12:22am

    One example is how to build an RCT to disable a computer object instead of deleting it. Another would be how to build an RCT to move a computer from one AD OU to another. Another would be a combination of both of these actions.

    I also have 2 sets of powershell scripts that we use to validate system readiness post imaging. These scripts create a local admin account and set the password, Disable Dual Scan, Disable Fast Boot, Run GPUpdate, Run all the CM policy evaluations, Install the Microsoft CM PFE Remediation Agent, set the CM PFE Remediation Agent server, Evaluate all CM Baselines, query the machine for chassis type so that I can then ensure they are added to the Bitlocker collection, and force encryption on it. The reason for the chassis type is that we only use BitLocker on laptops since they are more highly portable than desktops. Additionally our desktops only have Windows 10 Pro installed, and not Enterprise so escrowing the Bitlocker key into MBAM is not possible. If all this can be done through an RCT build, that would be phenomenal.

    The other piece of this would be an RCT build we can run to enforce the installation of specific applications or settings; especially security applications such as Crowdstrike, Umbrella OpenDNS, Rapid 7 insight Agent, Office, etc. Being able to easily either identify systems that do not have all of these applications installed , along with easily identifying if the devices are workstations or laptops would be a bonus, especially if we can somehow use nested reports for this.

    I'll be happy to discuss further and show you my scripts if you are interested in seeing the process and understanding it more fully.

    Let me know if you want to do this and we can set something up

  • Alison Goodrum commented
    14 Jan 07:17pm

    Thanks for the feedback! Updating and expanding our documentation and reference materials is one of our largest projects for this year. Builder and Runner documentation, especially, is a high priority.

    Are there any specific materials (or burning questions) that we can build out would be particularly helpful?

    Director of Customer Success

  • David Taylor commented
    14 Jan 06:22pm

    Yes, I have seen this, but it seems to be fairly generic, and doesn�t get into the specifics of what I am looking for like how to configure and run a bunch of my Powershell commands through Builder / Runner in order to fully automate several tasks.



  • Admin
    Garth Jones commented
    14 Jan 06:11pm

    Have you seen the new docs site, that when live this week? https://docs.recastsoftware.com/help