Use RMS as an engine to make dynamic groups in EntraID

Dynamic Groups in EntraID (AzureAD) are severely limited in what can be targeted. ConfigMgr has a great feature that can create "dynamic" EntraID groups based off of ConfigMgr data. For customers who are Intune only, it would be great if there was a way to create "dynamic" EntraID groups based on existing data from Intune or endpoint insights.

One way you could do this is by making RMS an engine to process group membership changes in EntraID similar to what CM does today. This would require RMS retrieving and storing data from Intune or other sources routinely in its DB, then updating groups on a schedule. Admins would be able to create dynamic groups much more closely resembling the advanced collections that ConfigMgr admins are able to, but without having to have CM at all. Having this data in RMS would have other benefits as well with reporting.

  • Scott Erickson
  • Sep 28 2023
  • Needs review
Product Endpoint Insights
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