Report for installed fonts

A report that could specifically query either the C:\windows\font directory for the files present or query the registry to capture all the values in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts\

A report of this type would benefit anyone who purchases fonts that require licesing per machine for auditing purposes, it also will benefit situations where different workstations/users may use different fonts for marketing or prepress situations. You can easily identify why a document looks different on PC A vs PC B because the document was written with a specific font that was on PC A but not PC B

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  • Mar 26 2021
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    11 Oct, 2022 04:54pm

    Hey Garth,

    These are installed at the system level, here's a link to some of the free ones for the Good Headline Font:

    We buy the suite of them, which includes variations not available with the free font but we don't look for all the variations to identify if they have the paid vs free as we only deploy by the paid suite of them.

    We currently use a powershell command to run against individual machines to determine if they have or don't have Good Headline fonts:

    reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts" /s /f "Good*"

    This is obviously uniquely listing only ones that begin with Good but a report that drills down to identify all machines with a particular font or all the fonts on a PC, much like the software inventory reports do, would be much more useful. Thank you,

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    Garth Jones commented
    11 Oct, 2022 04:33pm

    Are these fonts installed only per system or per user or both?

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    Garth Jones commented
    11 Oct, 2022 04:17pm

    Can you point me to a font that you use that is also paid for? Do any of the vendors have demos version??

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