Attach RCT right-click to "Asset Details"

I looked at status of a Deployment. There were some systems in the "error" tab. There were two types of errors found. The first type had 2 systems in. I clicked on that one and in the Asset Details the systems were listed. I right-clicked on the asset name but RCT wasn't an option. In the 4.3 webinar you recommended if we found a place in the SCCM interface where RCT wasn't attached we were to submit a new idea.

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  • Jul 30 2020
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    Chris Muster commented
    14 Jan, 2021 06:20pm

    Shipped in 4.5.

  • Bryan Dam commented
    18 Nov, 2020 09:25pm

    As Chris mentions, the actual Asset Details pane isn't extensible. However, if you double click on the status in the top pane it will open a temporary node listing those same devices.

    The current release doesn't have RCT there but our next monthly bug-fix release adds them.

  • Admin
    Chris Muster commented
    16 Oct, 2020 03:33pm

    One other workaround - you can run Right Click Tools on devices in a particular deployment state (Error, Success, In Progress) by right clicking on a deployment and launching an action.

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    Chris Muster commented
    7 Aug, 2020 03:39pm

    We can't add tools directly to asset details because it's not extensible. If you double click the error category, it'll open a temporary node under devices. From there you can right click a device and run actions. It looks like we're missing right click actions on the temporary node itself, so we'll look into adding them there.