CM Client Provisioning Mode Tool / Status

I'd like the Provisioning Mode Status to be listed in the Client Information Tool. I'd also like the option to change the status to Enabled or Disabled.
I'd also want it to report the Timeout Value.
1) What is the Time out Set to
2) If ProvMode is enabled, how much longer until it automatically is removed from ProvMode
3) Change the Time Out

Besides that stuff in the client information Tool, I'd like a RCT for Enable & Disable

This would be useful in troubleshooting client issues, especially during in place upgrades.

This would be useful, because in the CM Console, if a Device is in ProvMode, the console doesn't know, as the client doesn't pull any new policy, or push status messages.

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  • Gary Blok
  • Apr 12 2020
  • Future consideration
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