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Right click action to show software updates needed on a device

I could really use a right-click function on a device that shows the software updates that are needed on that device.
Guest almost 4 years ago in User Experience 1 Already exists

Client download & release info for PMPC

Would love to be able to have the RCT client install application & updates managed by PMPC publishing; don't know if there is a download URL and release RSS that we can point them to?
Guest almost 4 years ago in User Experience 0 Will not implement in the near future

SSD and HDD System Info View

We are in the process of upgrading all Hard Drives on campus and it is very difficult to know what machines have a solid state and which ones dont. Just like the new battery view in system info, having a hard drive info page to view what machines ...
Guest almost 4 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Move superseded and expired updates from All Software Updates folder

"All Software Updates" folder gets chock full and it's a multistep task to move groups of updates into other folders so I can get a "clean" view of what's new. Worse are all the AV updates that get superseded and expired throughout each day. Perha...
Russell Johnson almost 4 years ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

Bitlocker Compliance Tab - Add additional column(s) that show machine type? (Laptop, vm, etc)

We currently add some VMs and Desktops and Laptops into certain collections and only require Laptops to be encrypted. This would allow easier to filter.
Guest almost 4 years ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Exporting quick reports from System Info and Client Info Tools

It would be a great feature to be able to export the reports from the System Information and Client Information Tools. For example selecting multiple devices and viewing System Information and say you need to view all OS versions for those selecte...
Guest almost 4 years ago in  0 Planned

Remote Software Center - Compliance - Show Full Report

I'd like a button to launch the report, either embed the report into the RSC, or launch browser with the report. I really need to know why a Baseline is Compliant or Not Compliant. PowerShell Code to pull Baseline & Get Results into XML$DCM = ...
Gary Blok almost 4 years ago in Dashboards and Reporting 1 Future consideration

CM Client Provisioning Mode Tool / Status

I'd like the Provisioning Mode Status to be listed in the Client Information Tool. I'd also like the option to change the status to Enabled or Disabled.I'd also want it to report the Timeout Value.1) What is the Time out Set to2) If ProvMode is en...
Gary Blok about 4 years ago in Efficiency 0 Future consideration

Ability to Right Click and Rename a Machine

At times I need to rename a computer, I'd like to do it from the console. Trigger the rename (PC001 -> Client001 for example) then have it trigger a DDR so the console updates quickly. Right now I have to remote to the computer, and either do i...
Gary Blok about 4 years ago in User Experience 3 Future consideration

Icons in RCT

Put some Icons next to each action for better useability
Guest about 4 years ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration