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Add application revision to remote software center

Can we have application revision added to remote software center? Makes troubleshooting a little easier.
casey clifton 25 days ago in Efficiency 0

Group Policy Report (gpresult)

Is it possible to add a right-click tool or a section under system information that displays applied GPOs and group policy settings? This would be a lot easier than remoting into a machine and manually running gpresult /h
Guest 25 days ago in Efficiency 0

Make right click tools available in CMPivot

Would be awesome if you could run right click tool actions from the CMPivot results table. This would let you do actions like removing a vulnerable installed application from a workstation from the results of CMPivot query.
Scott Erickson 3 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Add Windows LAPS Support for LAPS Dashboard LAPS Client Install State Panel

The existing LAPS Dashboard reports on LAPS Client Install State. When using Windows LAPS (as opposed to what is now referred to as Legacy LAPS) it simply reports that there is no LAPS Client Installed. This is true, however it would be nice to re...
Brian Kaiser 4 months ago in Dashboards and Reporting 0 Future consideration

Create a right click tool to view remote C: drive without using file explorer

It would be incredibly useful for remote support to have a right click tool that would allow you to view / interact with the remote file system without needing direct access. The current connect to c$ requires permissions / firewall rules / etc to...
Scott Erickson 4 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Easier access to Deployement log from SCCM Console by contextual shortcut .

To RCT teams reading this forum, I would like to request following enhancement : as done for managing client(s) or collection(s) actions, a nice idea would be to add or enhance your software, from any deployement's contextual menus, with a shortcu...
Guest 4 months ago in Efficiency 0

Add scrollbar to the missing content list when using "Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers" on distribution points.

When using RCT's "Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers" feature, all failed packages on that particular Distribution Point are listed in a pop-up window, prompting the user to continue with re-distribution. If the list is big enough, and in r...
Guest 5 months ago in Large environment needs 0

Schedule Shutdown / Restart >> add an option to use Endpoint Local Time

When scheduling reboot on a collection and the devices are in different time zones, the scheduled time gets converted to the initiating endpoint time, not the target endpoint local time. I.e., reboot was scheduled on a collection of devices in UK ...
Guest 7 months ago in User Experience 0

Capture systems fom a Query

I do a Query and get a list of systems. I'd like to select some of them and do RCT actions on them. RCT actions are not shown. (If this is even possible)
Guest 7 months ago in Efficiency 0

Bittlocker management with integrated SCCM solution

Now in RCT you have option to look for bittlocker key in AD and MBAM. What about to look it inside SCCM DB?
Kaspars Caune 8 months ago in Security 0 Planned