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Application Manager

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Support folder structure in AM root folder setting

I would like to use folder structure/hierarchy in AM root folder so that for example AM would create applications to ConfigMgr in 'My root folder\my sub folder' folder.
Juha Haapsaari about 2 months ago in Special Configuration needs 0 Future consideration

Specify number of previous application versions to keep

I would like to define how many previous application version I want to keep as retired before removing the application/installation media from ConfigMgr.
Juha Haapsaari about 2 months ago in Automation 0 Future consideration

Ability to download only patches and not new installs

Having MSIs takes up a lot of room but can be useful. I would like the ability to turn off the download of new msi installs and only do the patches per application. This will save a lot of tickets.
Guest 3 months ago in Large environment needs 2 Future consideration

I need to the ability to have more than 7 days of duration for deployment deferrals and Patch Tuesday plus days.

I would like the option to deploy applications to production based upon the Patch Tuesday date. I would also like the option to defer deployment more that 7 days if needed. Why not give us 30 days? Or Patch Tuesday plus X days. Our organization do...
Guest 3 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Create Application Definitions but Require manual download of install files

In PatchMyPC, they have the ability to manage the application settings, but not supply the installer files. If Application Manager had the same ability then we could expand the catalog without having to be manage the installer. The way that it wor...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in Automation 1 Future consideration

Add ability to have Application Manager create query based collection based on Application

It would be cool if Application Manager could have a button that could create a collection in ConfigMgr that would automatically create the query syntax that would query the devices to see if the applications in the deployment are installed on the...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in Efficiency 3 Future consideration

Add an Application Wrapper for Installs or Updates

In order to better update products without having to deploy to all users or devices and have it automatically install the product, using a script wrapper could offer the ability to try and detect if the application is already installed and not upd...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in Automation 1 Future consideration

Ability to customize the Application Name in ConfigMgr

It would be nice if the application name that is published in ConfigMgr through Application Manager matched the rules for how it is displayed in the Software Center. This would make it so that any person that may be performing dynamic installation...
John Yoakum 5 months ago in User Experience 3 Future consideration

Deployment approval email recipients

Allow also to define email recipients for available type of deployment processes steps that require approval
Juha Haapsaari 8 months ago in Automation / Roles and Permissions / Security 0 Future consideration

TightVNC Used to view and control remote computers when RDP or CMRCV isn't viable.
Russell Fox 10 months ago in Application Catalogue request 0 Future consideration