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Ability to clear Recast Agents that have not communicated with RMS after a period of time.

We have a situation where the agent drop-down in RMS shows double the amount of recast agents than the devices we have Config Mgr. This is likely due to computer refresh. The agents are still listed even after a certain of idle time, not reporting...
jeff necker 12 months ago in User Experience 3 Planned

Auto update right click tools automatically

This would be useful so my team and I do not need to download the msi to update the current version. If the application can have a auto update feature so it does it by itself.
Guest 10 months ago in User Experience 0 Planned

Target deployment process to multiple deployment environments

Allow single deployment process to deploy applications to multiple MECM and/or Intune environments. For each deployment environment included in deployment process, you would select target (collection or group) for each deployment task.
Juha Haapsaari about 1 year ago in Efficiency / Large environment needs / User Experience 0 Planned

Email Notifications when Updates are Available/Published

It would be useful if AM had the ability to send out email notifications for any applications that "deployments" have been created for. This would be when new updates are published or available from the catalog. I am only talking about those that ...
John Yoakum 4 months ago in User Experience 2 Planned

Warning needed if a deployment process is targetting an empty collection in MECM and Intune

No description provided
Prudvee Raj about 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Planned

Uninstallation of application for MECM

Allow creating uninstallation deployments for MECM
Prudvee Raj about 1 year ago in Automation / Efficiency / User Experience 0 Planned