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Clearing obsolete Computer System in RMS

Added as a feature so we can set the number of days a machines is offline and not connected for recast to delete it from recast. The same process as clearing obsolete Computer System in SCCM.
Guest about 1 month ago in Automation 5 Needs review

Add an Application Wrapper for Installs or Updates

In order to better update products without having to deploy to all users or devices and have it automatically install the product, using a script wrapper could offer the ability to try and detect if the application is already installed and not upd...
John Yoakum 11 days ago in Automation 0 Needs review

Application Manager expansion to Configuration Profiles, Conditional Access and more

Hi, Finland has alot of MSPs including us, and Application Manager has been of great help considering we save hours in software packaging for multiple customer tenants. However, we are still seeking a decent product that can push following policie...
Guest 7 months ago in Automation 0 Needs review

Use RMS as an engine to make dynamic groups in EntraID

Dynamic Groups in EntraID (AzureAD) are severely limited in what can be targeted. ConfigMgr has a great feature that can create "dynamic" EntraID groups based off of ConfigMgr data. For customers who are Intune only, it would be great if there was...
Scott Erickson 5 months ago in Automation 0 Needs review

Automate client removal from Active Directory

With SCCM and Intune having the ability to self maintain clients that haven't reported in a desired number of days, the Right Click tools Active Directory Cleanup Tool is very helpful in also tidying up AD, however it would be great if there could...
Hayden Webb almost 2 years ago in Automation 0 Needs review