Enhance Results from Add Devices to Collection(s)

  1. I'd like to easily see which devices failed to be added to the collection without having to scroll through the log pane.

  2. I'd like to be able to wildcard search for possible machine names.

  3. I'd like a way to know the process has finished instead of scrolling to the bottom of the log screen.

  • casey clifton
  • Mar 18 2023
  • Needs review
Product Right Click Tools
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  • casey clifton commented
    20 Mar 02:07pm

    A1: I'm not really sure honestly. Maybe a third text box that only shows failures?

    A2: I wasn't specific enough here. I want to be able to choose from a list of assets that the wildcard search discovers instead of auto adding anything that was discovered. (I'm not sure how much the community would benefit from this but in my environment, everything is based on the asset code with some custom nomenclature before it. Ex: ABC4590SVJ)

    A3: Progress Bar maybe? I'm good with anything.

  • Admin
    Garth Jones commented
    20 Mar 12:56pm

    Strictly blue-sky questions to help flush this idea out:

    Q1: how and where would you like to see that?

    Q2: You can really do that with a % sign.

    Q3. What would be the best way to show you that?