Install Missing Updates - not what is visible in Software Center, but what has actually been deployed.

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when trying to install updates that have been deployed to a device, but are not yet installed....

if I look under recast software in the "Software updates deployment status" area, and target a collection containing only the one device I’m targeting and limited to deployed updates, under “missing updates by category”, it shows all the updates I was expecting to see for “install missing updates”

If i check the built in MECM functionality under device properties - deployments tab, the updates are listed there as deployed.

if i use RCT's "install missing updates" nothing shows in remote software center

Is there any way you can you change it so the deployed missing updates can be installed?

  • Paul Klerkx
  • Oct 10 2022
  • Needs review
Product Right Click Tools
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  • Admin
    Garth Jones commented
    11 Oct 02:49pm

    I reviewed your note within the discourse group and I thought that I would post the same thing here too. Would it be possible for you to post or send us screenshots of what you are seeing?