Reconcile Source Directory of Software Update Deployment Packages

Scenario: Software Update Packages will regularly have a large number of updates removed through supercedence and expiration. However, source files may remain. Further, if a package is particularly large, sometimes the Package Distribution WMI manifest and INF manifest will not line up, leading to distribution errors.

If RCT can review the source path of a target Deployment Package (Software Updates only), it could perform any three of these tasks:

  • If Update not in Package: Delete subdirectories in source path (by GUID)

  • If Source Files missing: Remove from Package / [optional Redownload]

  • Reconcile INF manifest file of package

Doing so will reduce deployment errors, and give patch managers peace of mind regarding orphaned source files.

  • Michael Nuckels
  • Aug 15 2022
  • Will not implement in the near future
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  • Michael Nuckels commented
    23 Aug 03:07pm

    To clarify, when I went over content explorer, the DPs were expected files/SUs that no longer existed. The Primary Site DP didn't have this error in their manifest.

  • Michael Nuckels commented
    23 Aug 03:06pm

    Point #1: If SU does not exists, and Source does, delete source
    Point #2: If SU exists, and Source does not, re-download source
    ^ This is basically a carryover from Bryan Dam's script for cleaning sources/sugs in his post:

    Point #3: Yes, they were failing hash checks. At the time, there was no WAN or WAN Accellerator to deal with. We also ruled out McAfee HIPS from being the cause. In the end, the packages themselves were at error.

  • Admin
    Garth Jones commented
    23 Aug 02:47pm

    So point #1 and #2 you are really looking for some to download the SU again. is that right?

    So point #3 you are seeing a CRC error between the source and the content on the DP itself? I have seen this when wan accelerator are used, removing/bypassing the accelerator will solve the problem.

  • Michael Nuckels commented
    23 Aug 01:51pm


    While CM is effective in cleaning out its own Content Library, it's the Source Directories that I turn my attention to. Sometimes, a well-meaning admin will manually delete source files to try and clean up, or as content is removed from the Library, the Source files remain. This is where points 1 and 2 come in.

    For Point 3, CM is effective in reconciling the DP of the primary site server, but sometimes not so effective in reconciling the manifests of remote DPs, leading to content validation errors. The content will certainly be there and distribute without error, but because it doesn't match the manifest file (for whatever reason), it'll show up as error. I recently had this issue while working with a 200GB update package for my workstations. Eventually, I had to delete and recreate the entire distribution package to clear the error, even though the source files were exactly the same.

  • Admin
    Garth Jones commented
    23 Aug 01:39pm

    Help me understand the problem here. Particularly with the understanding that CM already does some (if not all of this already).

    CM will clean out orphaned content files and removed expired SU. Additionally the Content Validation task will (should) fix any reconciliation on the DP.

    Is this not what you are seeing?