Add Client Actions\"Run Client Actions" task

It would be helpful if one of the Actions on the Client Actions Menu was to run all the SCCM Client Actions at once rather than run them separately. The actions would include:

  1. Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle

  2. Discovery Data Cycle

  3. File Collection Cycle

  4. Hardware Inventory Cycle

  5. Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle

  6. Software Inventory Cycle

  7. Software Metering Usage Report Cycle

  8. Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle

  9. Software Updates Scan Cycle

  10. Windows Installer Source List Update Cycle

This option should also be included on the Client Actions on Collection menu. Another approach might be to include check-boxes for each action (on a single task) so that any combination of Actions could be performed with a single task. This would save a lot of time. It should generate a report on which of the actions were successful/unsuccessful (per asset on collections). This should be a relatively simple modification since all the actions can be run independently now. This would be especially helpful in troubleshooting SCCM client issues.

  • Guest
  • Apr 6 2021
  • Will not implement in the near future
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  • J D commented
    14 Jul 09:54pm

    I would exclude Software Inventory