Branch Cache | BITS Tools

In addition to: RS-I-238

I'd like to have a suite of BC Stuff added.
Perhaps in the Client Information Tool, add a Branch Cache Tab
It would provide some of the info that Get-BCStatus does and allow you to:

  • Clear Cache

  • Set Cache Size

  • Enable | Disable BC

And since BC relies on BITS, would be nice to pull back BITS info, like if it's throttled or not, show any policy restrictions, along with just the basics.

So basically, I want a Transport Tab that covers BITS | BC and perhaps show active Jobs that are running. This might end up being a new tool vs fitting into Client Info... or maybe both... v1 is client info (Community), with some basics, and v2 (licensed) would it's own tool for helping to troubleshoot issues that give a rich amount of data. Think about it.

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  • Nov 30 2020
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