Integrate SDelete into RCT for File / Directory or Full System

Leveraging SDelete, I'd like a simple way to Secure Wipe a machine that we're going to life cycle.

Was thinking, similar to psexec, where we point the config at a file, we could point the config at sdelete, so it's available for RCTs to use. Would be create to be able to RC a machine, and say Wipe File / Folder / Machine.
I understand full machine would be difficult, as you'd need to reboot into WinPE.

Also, when we delete profiles using the RCT, would be cool if you could check a box to leverage SDELETE to make sure the Profile is actually SECURELY wiped instead of just deleted, which is easy to recover.

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  • Nov 30 2020
  • Will not implement in the near future
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