Modify Hardware and Firmware Audit report to show Lenovo model name resolved in new column.

When running report [Hardware and Firmware Audit] Lenovo Model name reports their internal numbering system naming convention. I would like to also see the common name that can be found by RCT System Information/Hardware.

Example: Getting (10T8S2XU00) for the Lenovo Model in the [Hardware and Firmware Audit] report. But I want and need to see the actual model ThinkCenture M720q in addition!!!! Im getting ThinkCenture M720q from the System Information\Hardware\Model.

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  • May 7 2020
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    Chris Muster commented
    15 May, 2020 05:24pm

    This feature is in the dashboard today, but requires some non-default hardware inventory classes be enabled. Newer versions of the dashboard will give you a warning, but all versions should support it. If you enable win32_computersystemproduct and win32_baseboard in ConfigMgr hardware inventory, it should start showing up. This page has some more information: