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Auto update right click tools automatically

This would be useful so my team and I do not need to download the msi to update the current version. If the application can have a auto update feature so it does it by itself.
Guest 8 months ago in User Experience 0 Planned

Guest 8 months ago in Application Catalogue request 2 Not a fit for the product

Let Customers customize the right click recast menu in MECM.

Consider letting customers add/remove their own menu items to the top of the menu? I am thinking MS Outlook for an instance where one can add items to the ribbon. But even more for patching collections certain buttons are more useful than others. ...
Guest 8 months ago in Efficiency 0 Future consideration

Add a dropdown selector for switching between multiple RMS sites

Some organizations manage multiple Configuration Manager sites with unique RMS instances for each site. It can be time consuming to manually update the RMS URL value in their RCT configuration each time they connect to a different Configuration Ma...
Branden Hammann 8 months ago in User Experience 0 Future consideration

Disable Output on Add Computers to Collections

When adding or removing computers from collections where we are inputting over a thousand computers, the RCT action results window locks up when displaying the results. It would be handy to have a checkbox to disable the output results and maybe i...
Justin Dybedahl 8 months ago in Large environment needs 0 Future consideration

Application Manager expansion to Configuration Profiles, Conditional Access and more

Hi, Finland has alot of MSPs including us, and Application Manager has been of great help considering we save hours in software packaging for multiple customer tenants. However, we are still seeking a decent product that can push following policie...
Guest 8 months ago in Automation 0

Filter out Operating System in Active Directory Cleanup Tool

We need the ability to filter out specific operating systems from the Active Directory clean up tool. 50% of our machines in our environment are macOS devices and this just bloats our reports and makes the tool extremely hard to use.
Guest 8 months ago in Efficiency 0

Wakeup devices before deployment starts

I would like to specify in deployment if devices should be waken up X amount of minutes before the deployment deadline for required purpose deployments.
Juha Haapsaari 8 months ago in Automation / Large environment needs 0

Notification on Configuration Manager client when new application is available

I would like to be able to specify on each deployment if I want to show a notification target device when new application version is made available or when installation is started on deadline. I would like to be able to customize the notification ...
Juha Haapsaari 8 months ago in User Experience 0

NFR License

It would be great to get NFR Licenses to build a lab environment to test and learn the products and/or to build a Demo environment to show the products to customers.
Guest 9 months ago in  1